I love all things admin and where some people might find certain tasks a chore, I relish the challenge to sort, organise, process and see that things are completed to the highest standard.


With over 25 years experience in business support and administration across a whole host of industries including Finance, Education and Hospitality and Human Resources, I have worked with many admin processes and data management systems.  Most of my skills have proven to be transferrable so building on my knowledge with every move has made me somewhat of an admin expert!

As the name suggests, I am West London based, which is great for connecting with clients around the capital. But being virtual also means that I can work with people anywhere. I have my own office space and work remotely so distance is not a problem whether you are in the UK or abroad.

I am organised and highly professional and whilst working with you I will always represent you and your business.  Supporting and helping you to grow your business is the nature of my business and I look forward to working with you.

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